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Frequently Asked Questions

You should include your personal as well as your business related information, i.e contact no, address or email

Once your desired domain registered, we configured your domain with server and activate your website.

Generally you don't need any license, we will provide all basic license with your website.

Regarding your order, you can email us to info@timesbiz.com or call us +91-9988880355

There is no extra services fee will charged from us. All services fee included with in project cost.

Yes, all services related to website like domain, hosting, official email, SSL etc will register for minimum one year contract and there will be renewal fee for each and every services

Yes, you can pay 40% of total project cost in advanced and it will fully refundable if you are not satisfied with our services.

No, we won't any charges for services related to project after completed.

You can pay through UPI, Bank Transfer national users and for PayPal mode for international users.

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